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 What is the advantage of booking with

Here at we are rapidly moving forward with the evolution of the most innovative and customer centric cruise vacation booking platform in existence. In near-future realeases we will be launching the most flexible and powerful loyalty program available; in conjunction with Cruise Line loyalty programs our guests will enjoy unparalled value across dual programs. Further user-generated content and advocacy will bring a truly immersive experience to the cruise vacation shopper.

With all that’s still to come, today, brings to the market the most important and innovative customer satisfaction tool available only via our platform – when you book your cruise vacation with you are immediately able to contact the Cruise Line directly for any post-booking support such as questions, upgrades, special promotions and special needs. With other online and offline agencies today the Cruise Lines are – for the most part – not allowed to speak directly with the consumer regarding important questions or concerns; in other words other agencies discourage or outright prevent Cruise Lines from working directly with their own guests. Not so with – we are true industry partners that believe the best consumer experience and trust is driven through a true partnership between supplier and distributer to enhance the consumer and customer-satisfaction experience – not sacrifice these things in name of artificial “ownership” of the digital consumer. When you book with us, your information is shared with the cruise line and you are free to discuss any aspect of your reservation with their cruise consultants – after all what greater experts exist to serve a customer’s specific needs than the product supplier themselves is intimately tuned to the needs and desires of consumers in the digital age and the digital economy. Not only are we changing old traditional paradigms but we on the cutting edge of creating the digital and consumer-centric economy for the cruise vacation experience. Sign up, and even if you are not ready to book your cruise right now – stay tuned for the coming features and functionality and help us shape the digital landscape for this amazing vacation product.

What is included in the price of my cruise?

Cruising is the best vacation value! There are cruise vacations to suit every budget and taste. In general, the cruise price includes your choice of stateroom accommodations, as well as onboard activities, entertainment and most meals. You’ll know what your vacation will cost before you go. Your only extra expenses will be drinks, specialty restaurants, optional shore excursions, spa services, and any other optional incidentals you may choose to purchase while onboard or ashore.  Standard meals are included in the price of your cruise. Some lines include pre-paid drink cards, wine packages and other cost saving incidental bundles.

What are my choices when picking a cruise ship?

Ships range from U.S. and European riverboats, intimate and yacht-like ships to vessels stretching longer than three football fields. You can sail with fewer than 100 fellow guests or with more than 5,000. Enjoy atmospheres ranging from casual to formal, contemporary to classic.  Enjoy the endless activities offered on a contemporary resort-style cruise, or immerse yourself in the culture of a destination on a special interest cruise.

 Where can I go on a cruise?

Cruise ships operate all over the world there is navigable water – and since the earth is 70% water, that’s pretty much everywhere! Cruises visit over 500 ports worldwide and practically every destination accessible by water. You can embark on your cruise vacation from one of the over 30 North American ports or from any of the other ports around the world.

What can I do in port?

You can explore on your own or take a guided tour (referred to as a shore excursion). Search ancient ruins or shop for bargains. Ride a raft over river rapids or a horse across miles of hills and beaches. Explore a waterfall or pyramid. Follow in the footsteps of history or in the wake of a waterskiing boat. If there’s still time, improve your golf or tennis game on one of the many famous courses and courts your cruise may visit. Learn how to windsurf. Sun and swim at some of the world’s best beaches. Catch a record marlin. Sail, snorkel or scuba dive. Take a cable car to the top of a mountain. Explore dark catacombs. The list is endless. Cruising is the perfect way to sample a wide variety of new destinations and try all the things you’ve ever (or never) dreamed of doing.

Do cruise lines welcome families with kids?

More and more cruise vacations are booked by families with children. Over more than 30% of cruise vacationers sail with children and nearly all cruise lines provide supervised activities for kids, especially during school holidays. If your children enjoy swimming, sports, games, movies and the adventure of new places, then they’ll love a cruise. You’ll find that children adapt to shipboard life with ease. Trained youth counselors will help keep them safe, busy and entertained. Ships even offer different types of age-appropriate activities, suitable for toddlers to teens.

 Can singles have fun on a cruise?

Absolutely! Cruising is for everyone! And cruising is especially ideal for people traveling alone because it’s so easy to meet other people. Some ships also have single staterooms and others offer rates designed for single travelers.
Are cruises appropriate for honeymoons?

Yes! Cruising offers an atmosphere that’s just right for romance: cozy dinners for two, strolling on deck at sunset, dancing the night away, and ample opportunities to stargaze. Most lines provide special services from Sunday or Monday departures to champagne and breakfast in bed. Also, more and more couples are having destination weddings on a cruise and many ships offer special packages for marriage ceremonies, receptions, and vow renewal

Necessary Documents highly recommends that all cruise passengers travel with a passport. While the U.S. Government may not require a passport for sea travel on certain cruises originating in the U.S. or for travel only within the Western Hemisphere, other specified documentation is required. For specific U.S. governmental passport and visa regulations, visit
What should I pack?

Pack like you would for any resort vacation. Cruise vacations are casual by day, whether you’re on the ship or ashore. In the evening, the dress codes varyies by ship and by occasion. Some ships may have a Captain’s Gala, for which example, and you’ll probably want to wear something nice...for guys a snappy sport coat and slacks;, for gals, a cocktail dress. Generally, cruise lines take a more relaxed and casual approach to dress throughout the cruise – while on some luxury cruises, formal dinners or parties are part of the fun.
How are special occasions celebrated on a cruise?

 Most cruise lines will treat you to a complimentary special dessert and a chorus of “Happy Whatever” to honor the occasion. Cruise staff can make your birthday or anniversary more festive with champagne, flowers or whatever the occasion demands. You can even arrange for a special private party.
How can I stay connected while cruising?

Most staterooms are equipped with televisions and telephones. You can even use your own cell phone on some ships, where cellular service is available. Many cruise ships are now Wi-Fi enabled, so you can check your e-mail on your laptop in your stateroom or go to the onboard internet facility – specially designed to meet your online needs onboard. In addition, most ships have a daily newsletter with news, headlines, selected stock quotes and sports scores. Additional charges apply for phone, internet and cellular service.
Whom should I contact if I have questions that haven’t been answered?

If you've booked with already, contact your cruise line directly.  You will have received an email from right after you placed your booking, which provides contact numbers, etc. Alternatively, our advocates and agents are online 24 hours/day, but for access to these invaluable resources, you must register on  Booked guests will already be registered.